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As your body transformation coaches, we are fully committed to your physical and mental health through the power of exercise. We can help you build muscles, tone your core, and get you into a better fitness routine. We never want working out to feel like a chore, which is why we set personalized challenges that we know you can accomplish. Feel good about working out and seeing your body transform into a stronger and healthier one today with our coaches help at The Anchored Club.

Professional & Certified Coaches

Coach Jorge

Jorge Jimenez

Specialized In: I am a very versatile and intuitive trainer that specializes in building strong and resilient bodies. I know proven stretching techniques for flexibility, self myofascial release (foam rolling) for increased mobility and reduced activity of overactive muscles, as well as how to build strength and develop muscle size through resistance training. Very comfortable training the amateur exercise enthusiast as well as professional athletes. You'll learn how to exercise for a specific goal, rest and recover properly, and maintain your body through your life stages for optimal performace.


Marisol Jimenez

I am no personal trainer lets start with that. However I am part of this wonderful company. I work closely with Jorge to ensure we have a smooth and organized business. I left my position as a Business Banker to help build our company. I have over 15 years experience in sales, which lead to my career in business banking.